Pre/Post Course Study time

Commitment is the key to passing the PMBOK 5 exam. In addition to the 5-day CAPM/PMP® Exam Prep Course, it takes at least 50 hours of honest study, and most likely 100 hours to achieve sufficient understanding to comfortably pass the exam.

At an hour of study time per chapter, it would require a minimum of 42 hours to read the 13 chapters and Appendix three times. Programs that claim to train you to pass the exam with 2 or 3 days of in-class preparation, and only 8 to 40 hours of personal preparation can be misleading.

We believe it is necessary for the average intelligent individual to read the PMBOK 5 at least three times to absorb the material enough to achieve a successful mark on the exam. We give you the opportunity to preview the PMBOK before the class, to systematically go though it during our program, and we help you prepare a study approach for the following 90 days.