Where can I ride?

Available riding areas on lower Vancouver Island are as follows:

Victoria Motorcycle Club in Metchosin at: 4200 Happy Valley Rd is 172 acres of controlled riding area for club members and their guests.

Mostly suited to trials but also used by Enduro and Beginner riders.  

Not suitable for loud MX style bikes.

Tansky Main Riding at Jordan River

Enduro riding area.

The Tansky main riding area consists of trails on crown land that is under stewardship of the VMC.  The VMC has built several trails on about 5000 hectares of both forested and logged land.  Tansky Main area is primarily enduro but is also well suited to trials motorcycles.

Site Description

Tansky main riding area parking lot is located directly across from the entrance to China Beach provincial campground at Jordan River.   


Please note: It is not safe to travel active roads during operating hours without proper communication.  Travel should be planned for evenings and weekends.  Following these procedures is essential to ensure that members of this club operate safely.  

If you must travel during business hours, it is essential that you contact WFP to arrange this by contacting the following person:

Marie Robertson, RPF

Operations Forester

Western Forest Products Inc.

Jordan River Forest Operation

(250) 646-2031 ext 228

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 November 2022 )