Welcome to the Victoria Motorcycle Club (VMC), whose roots go back to 1906 when it began as a car/motorcycle club. In 1912, VMC officially became known as the Victoria Motorcycle Club. The VMC was inaugurated as a Non-Profit Society under the Societies Act of BC in 1947. The club owns a 172-acre recreational area, 'VMC Cycle Park' in Metchosin, BC.

VMC organizes a range of events supporting motorcycle enthusiasts in the Greater Victoria area and beyond. The club's Cycle Park in Metchosin is situated on rocky and mountainous terrain. Off-road TRIALS and Enduro type bikes are generally best suited. Access to Cycle Park is restricted to Members Only and only properly muffled bikes are allowed.

The club has 475 members who volunteer their time to promote and foster the sport of motorcycling, maintain trails and operate the Cycle Park, support various projects and activities and run our annual events. Many events are designated as fundraisers for charity.


VMC members are of all ages and all demographics.   


VMC events typically can include Observed Trials, Road Rides, Dual Sport & Adventure Touring, Enduro, Hill Climb, Swap Meets, Show & Shines, specialty Riding Schools and other Activities.


Check the Event Calendar or Volunteer Button to find upcoming events, and then contact the organizer to offer to either help out or to arrange a visit. Click the Contact Info button to ask for other information. 

We welcome spectators to view events, often there will be a donation bucket and appreciate the public volunteering to help at events. VMC holds Regular Meetings where we review ongoing club business, on the evening of the third Tuesday of every month. Contact a Director if you wish to visit a meeting as a guest.

Membership in the VMC is a great way to meet other like-minded people and learn about the club, and build a good name for yourself, and help support the sport of motorcycling by making our events successful. 

Come on out and enjoy the sport.

Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame 2010

Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame 2019