(revised 2018)

With your application to become a member of the club having been approved and accepted in the proper manner, it is now necessary that you become acquainted with the Aims and Objects of this organization.

Traditionally, the Aims and Objects of the Victoria Motorcycle Club are read aloud at meetings when new members are voted in to the Club. The Aims and Objects are also printed on the back of the membership card.

The Victoria Motorcycle Club (one of the oldest and largest motorcycle clubs in Canada) was originally banded together in 1912 to foster the sport of motorcycling in all its phases.

Its members are expected to contribute to its welfare by supporting every project which it may see fit to sponsor.

All members are expected to be proud of the good name which the Victoria Motorcycle Club holds in the community of Victoria and endeavour to uphold that good name to the best of their ability.

They are at all times to observe the rules of the club, both written and unwritten.

Welcome to the Club!