Important Membership Rule Changes (Summary Only)


Membership Renewal:


Existing Members Go to the Existing Membership Annual Renewal Page.



New Member Applications:

§  Sponsorship: To apply as a new member, you need an existing VMC Club Member to sponsor you. Existing club members can sponsor a maximum of three new applications per year.

§  Membership Form and Interview: Once you have a sponsor, return your completed VMC Membership Application form, available on the VMC website. The form will be reviewed, and if accepted, you will be contacted in due course. An interview will only be granted if the form is filled out completely.

§  Orientation Day: New members will be required to sign up for a VMC Club Orientation Day on the VMC website.


For New Member Applications go to the New Member Application Page.


Dues: Full-year membership fees must be paid in full prior to being admitted to membership. The fees vary based on membership category and may change annually.


Payment Methods: Membership fees can be paid via cheque, direct deposit e-transfer, or with cash or cheque handed to Treasurer or Membership Chair at monthly meetings. Details regarding payment methods and deadlines will be provided by the VMC.


Confirmation of New Members: Invitations to Join will be sent to Applicants in February, depending on the availability of spaces - after existing members have renewed. Introduction and admittance of new members will take place at the March Monthly Meeting or as otherwise communicated. Dues and initiation Fees are payable upon receiving an Invitation to Join.


VMC Cycle Park Access: There is currently Secure Key access, soon there will be a new automated opening/closing/locking gate installed at the VMC Cycle Park. Following competition of an Orientation Day session new Members may request a Gate Key (which will be exchangeable for an electronic fob) on payment of a $60 deposit. If the key/fob is lost, members must inform VMC immediately to rescind the code and purchase a replacement fob for the same amount. If a member choses to vacate their membership the Key deposit will be returned upon return of the Key or Fob.


Volunteering Requirement: As of February 1, 2024, all Active members must complete one (1) day of volunteering for work-duty on a club sanctioned project, activity or event per year. Junior and Senior members are also encouraged to volunteer.


All New Active Members, are required to complete two (2) days of volunteering in their first year. New Junior and Senior members are also encouraged to volunteer. Failure to complete your work-duty may result in suspension of membership for the following year before re-application will be considered.


Release and Indemnity Agreement: All club members must sign the Victoria Motorcycle Club (VMC) Release and Indemnity Agreement, which releases VMC from any claims related to property loss or personal injury during club activities (including recreational or competitive). This is part of your annual membership renewal.


Guest Use Release and Indemnity Agreement: Members can bring guests to the VMC Cycle Park a limited number of times (maximum visits limited to XX). If the Guest wishes to visit Cycle Park again, they are advised to apply for membership and be placed on the Wait List. All guests must sign a "Release and Indemnity Agreement" liability waiver form and ride responsibly and safely. Guests under 19 years old require a parent or legal guardian's signature. This release and indemnity agreement form is located on the VMC website.


General Rules and Etiquette: The VMC Cycle Park has specific rules and etiquette that members must follow. These include restrictions forbidding noisy bikes, gate usage, riding areas, helmet requirements, noise control, respectful behavior, and more. The complete VMC club rules can be found on the VMC website.

Please note that the above information is a summary. 

For complete details and any specific inquiries, it is recommended to refer to the VMC website or contact VMC directly.