VMC Club Rules

VMC Cycle Park Property - General Rules & Etiquette

VMC’s Cycle Park is jewel of a riding property. It is every member’s responsibility to protect and nurture the property.

For complete club rules, please refer to the VMC website. Updated July 2023: 

• NO loud or excessively noisy bikes are permitted to ride anywhere on club property. If a member has to be cautioned about riding a loud bike, they will be asked to park that bike.

• Gate is to be opened and closed behind you. The exception being a busy riding day when multiple vehicles are expected to arrive. Ensure gate is closed while out for a ride.

• Last one out of the parking lot at the end of the day ensures the gate is closed and locked.

• Center grassy area is for mini-bikes and young tykes, slow riding only. Not a flat track.

• No riding around on the gravel parking lot ring anytime includes small bikes and young riders.

• When riding in the parking lot, transiting to and from trails, go slow 1st gear only.

• Helmets must be worn 100% of the time on any moving bike by everyone.

• If no fire ban is in force, members are requested to ride the property principally above and beyond the EnduroCross track.

• No riding allowed on the Hill Climb course or on Table-Top at the bottom, except with express permission from the Club Executive.

• Show respect for all our neighbours we have in close proximity to our parking areas (there are at least 4 in particular). No excessive noise anytime. Do not buzz their fence line.

• No riding allowed before 9:00AM or within one hour of dark or after 9:00PM in all cases.

    • Club members should inform any rule or etiquette violators IN A NICE WAY on what the problem is and how to correct it.

• Disrespectful, dangerous or damaging behaviour will not be tolerated. If you have a concern, bring it to the next meeting or contact one of the Executive.

• Treat all club assets (eg. property, tools, buildings, BBQ and all other infrastructure) with care; if something gets broken, tell an executive member so repairs can be made.

• Avoid digging holes or trenching anywhere on the club trails; go around, or go down and try again. Be aware of creating excess trail damage.

• As a ‘property riding member’, you are obligated to pitch in and help keep the club’s trails clear of any dangers, and clear debris that blocks trails or simple slapper-branch management.

• If you have a particular obstacle you don’t want removed, flag it or mark it somehow.

• During a club event, regular riding is generally permitted. Please don’t interfere with the event or any spectators, and always exercise caution.

• Always keep your dog on a leash and clean up its mess. Better yet, leave your pet at home.

• If hosing off your bike always clear mud off the concrete pad, hang up the hose, and turn off the tap when finished. No one will clean up after you.

• Guests are to be escorted by a club member at all times, one guest at a time.

• Guests are welcome one time per year.

Always keep in mind we have neighboring properties.

It’s about common sense, courtesy and respect to everyone around you.

Notes for Parents with Youth & Junior members:

• Parents are reminded to keep young children in sight while riding, and exercise proper control at all times.

• Only New Riders / Little Tykes on quiet mini-bikes are permitted to ride in the grassy area inside the centre ring of the parking area.

• More experienced Youth members are encouraged to practice skills and ride in the area around and behind where the old clubhouse was.

• Older Youths, Teens and all Adults should transit from the parking area to the bottom of Hill climb and EnduroCross track and beyond.

Notes about Guest use:

• Members are encouraged to bring a guest to experience Cycle Park BUT with limits.

A “Release and Indemnity Agreement” liability waiver form must be signed by the guest whether attending for an event or recreational riding.

• If Guest is under 19 years of age, the rider’s parent or legal guardian must sign.

• Waiver forms (both Under/19 and 19+) are available online here or at MotoTrials West counter.

• Deposit signed waiver forms at MotoTrials West with Dave Fair.

It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure their guest signs the waiver form and rides responsibly and safely.

• If a Guest wishes to return to ride at Cycle Park, they should apply to join and become a member and be placed on the Wait List as needed.

Other Member FAQs

✓ The club property is generally not suitable for Motocross type bikes, they tend to not perform well on the challenging terrain.

✓ Do not share Gate Keys or Entry Codes or allow non-members to enter. 

✓ All members have a duty to clean up after themselves and their guests. No garbage dumping.

✓ All members are expected to pitch in with stewardship of your riding area, including trail maintenance, equipment maintenance and cleaning, removal of dangerous obstacles.

✓ No tree cutting or new trail building without the x pressed prior approval of the club executive.

✓ Members need to use their discretion in removal of hazards; notify the exec if you can’t resolve the issue safely.

✓ Maintain respectful conduct of behaviour, etc.

✓ Many hands make for short work. Happy riding. See you on the trail!