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Who runs this website

This website is run by a VMC member who has been riding since 8 years old and have owned many bikes including minibike, motocross, enduro, trials, and street.  

I have a keen interest in the motorcycle club, ride at the Cycle Park regularly, and at the new Tansky main area, which is becoming an excellent resource of well laid out trails.   

I ride the local area extensively on my street bikes with an affinity towards the curvy back roads.

My interest in running this website is to make as much information as easily and reliably accessible as possible, thus generating as much participation and support from our members and guests as possible.  

Any content submitted to me will be put on the site unless it is irrelevant, offensive, or otherwise not suitable.  

The intent is to make this website suitable for all members of the family and your participation is encouraged. Much of the content of this site was in fact assembled by others and posted at their request.

Requests for events etc. to be posted will usually be honored within 48 hours, often sooner. However, on occasion, it may be up to one week.  Please plan ahead for your event and ensure that the poster is available well ahead of the event date to ensure that there is plenty of time for people to see it. 

Club Members can add items to this site by using the form below.

Last Updated (Tuesday, March 21, 2023)