VMC History

A Short History of the Victoria Motorcycle Club's First 117 Years

By Roger Boothroyd

1906               The club’s roots go back to the time when it was a car/motorcycle club.

1911 – 1918     Activities ceased for World War I as many members left for a war in Europe.

1912               Officially became known as the Victoria motorcycle club.

1927               Reorganized after World War I and joined the American motorcycle Association.

1929                        First perpetual trophy events began with the Paul Girardeau Hillclimb trophy, followed by the Brentwood reliability trial        in 1930, then others. 40 of these trophies are still in use today.

1939 – 1945     Activities ceased for World War II as many members left for the war in Europe.

1947               Inaugurated into the BC Societies Act as a non-profit society.

1940/50’s/60’s   Club members would hold rodeos in local parks for the public to enjoy.

1946 – late 70s       The club would lead the Victoria Day parade, with the drill team as crowd control. We now frequently participate with a float and trials riders.

1960 - 1990s        The club would sometimes participate in the Oak Bay Tea Party doing stunts on the beach.

1954 – 1963         Club purchased and owned 7 acres of property 8 miles from Victoria that was suitable for scrambles and some        observed trials and starting reliability trials.

1967                       The club purchased 160 acres on the hillside in Happy Valley 10 miles from Victoria.

1968                      The club purchased another 12 acres at the bottom of the hill to gain access to this property.

       The club, with the help of Reg Shanks and others through concentrated effort, helped the club gain clear title to 172 acres of riding terrain.

The current property at 4200 Happy Valley Rd. is a perfect property for observed trials and can be used for cross-country trials and extreme enduro, as well  as the location for starting point for road rallies.

2017                      Along with the Happy Valley Rd. property, the club has use of 5000 acres of Crown land on the west coast of Vancouver Island, which is suitable for enduros and laced with a network of trails, most of which were cut by club members.


From 1929 to present day (2023), a full schedule of trials, and enduro, and road rides continue with over 40 perpetual trophies being awarded each year.

From its inception, the club holds monthly meetings on the 3rd Tuesday using the Roberts Rules of Order format.